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RhythmBastard's News

Posted by RhythmBastard - January 23rd, 2018

Yeah, check my links to the side for where I am now.

Posted by RhythmBastard - October 13th, 2015

“Status Quo Radio”, a Team Fortress 2 inspired rock opera is now on Bandcamp!

As with most of my music, “Status Quo Radio” started from a very nerdy place: the video game Team Fortress 2. Each song would be about each different class, and a different style of song. However in the process of writing it (I started in 2010 when I first posted one of the songs to NewGrounds’s Audio Portal), it changed from a simple songwriting challenge to a concept album with it’s own story and background.

The 12 tracks listed below, along with the original TF2 class for the songs inspiration:
1. Status Quo Radio
2. Enlist Today! (Soldier)
3. Force Of Nature (Scout)
4. Pyrotechnicality II (Pyro)
5. Radio Days Pt. 1 (Engineer)
6. Radio Days Pt. 2 (Engineer)
7. Away From The Ruins (Demoman)
8. Tower Siege (Heavy)
9. Bad Doctors (Medic)
10. BOOM! HEADSHOT! (Sniper)
11. Paper Hearts (Spy)
12. Bastard’s Reunion

From this framework grew a rock opera about love, betrayal, and excessive amounts of violence in the 1960’s era-Southwest. The music on Status Quo Radio is as diverse as the 9 different classes, going from punk to folk to classic rock and metal.

Posted by RhythmBastard - May 18th, 2015

This blog could use a good updating...

I'll start uploading a couple of my latest tracks on here, how does that sound?

In the meantime, you can visit my Soundcloud and Youtube page for my music!

Posted by RhythmBastard - January 14th, 2014



1. 26 and by the time you read this, I'll be in Orlando for a Magic Tourney. There's a lot to reflect in this part of my life, but right now, just the hits.

2. NEWEST SONG: "Tower Siege"

3. RBN SONGS: 2011- The Year Of The Don 2012- The Year Of The Lars 2013- THE YEAR OF THE BASTARD!!!

Sadly, with the RBN system shutting down by 2014, I do not have anymore songs to put on the RBN. Customs, however...

4. HOLY SHIT? I RELEASED AN ALBUM? It was a rough experience, but hell yeah, I made it out alive. Big ups to David Ginn and Jesee Schopher, I'm hitting you guys up first when I find my way back to NY :)

5. MUSIC VIDEOS??? Not quite, but I still kept my presence on YouTube, with videos for "Boston Boom Bringer", "Gang Of Nine" and "Lord I Miss Deadly Premonition"

6. CON GIGS!!! If I do 5 cons in a year, I'll do a little "2014 Tour" but I missed it by THAAAT much... June 2013- Hero Hype Con June 2013- MizuCon August 2013- Anime Festival Orlando September 2013- UmiCon Daytona

It was really great supporting these cons, new and old, and meeting new people, and getting plenty of fans in the process! Hope to see everyone next year.

7. SO WHAT SHOULD WE EXPECT FROM YOU IN 2014? -"Status Quo Radio" for sure. I'm meeting a lot of creative people to work with, so hopefully it can be more than that as the time draws nearer. -More music videos! -More songs! -More convention gigs! -I want to be better known this year, and really expand to the point where I'm INVITED to cons, or at least allowed to attend bigger ones.

Posted by RhythmBastard - November 5th, 2013

NEW SONG! "Fahrenhype"

Samples heavily from "Let It Crawl" by Society's Bag, so I can't put it on NG.

A little rap song dedicated to David Cage called “Fahrenhype”
Since Two Best Friends Play and Supergreatfriend both finished up their LPs of “Indigo Prophecy” at around the same time, I made this.

Posted by RhythmBastard - October 19th, 2013

Posted by RhythmBastard - August 25th, 2013

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Posted by RhythmBastard - July 18th, 2013

Posted by RhythmBastard - July 17th, 2013

"Cliffhanger" was my song of choice.

In other news, I'm still working on music and stuff, trying to put my stuff on the Rock Band Network.