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2013-06-25 23:29:50 by RhythmBastard


NG Audio Deathmatch 2013

2013-06-24 13:28:13 by RhythmBastard

Which song should I submit?

"Enlist Today" I was thinking of doing, but I'd prefer to put up the in progress version of "Status Quo Radio". Any suggestions?

Full Set From Mizucon 2013

2013-06-17 00:09:58 by RhythmBastard

NEW SONG: "Gang Of Nine"

2013-05-02 21:40:39 by RhythmBastard

Banned from NewGrounds

You can buy it on Amazon.com
Or from Bandcamp.com

Dino Hunter MD: The Sound Track Coming Jan. 23

2013-01-19 16:41:20 by RhythmBastard

Preorder it now, and get two free tracks.

Full tracklist:
1. College Party
2. Pass The Class
3. Robotman's Lament
4. XZ-71
5. Heroes Die view
6. Playin' Invisiball
7. Cliffhanger
8. Hell Yeah
9. Space Tambourine
10. Heroes Die (Acoustic Version)
11. Hell Yeah (Choral Version)


2013-01-16 22:02:42 by RhythmBastard

11 Tracks...


Recent Updates

2012-11-07 10:28:34 by RhythmBastard

1. DINO HUNTER M.D.: THE SOUND TRACK- Is ready for final production. Vocals have been re-recorded for a number of songs, a lot of stuff has been remixed and re-mastered, and there will be a bonus song or two added.

2. ROCK BAND NETWORK UPDATES- "Hell Yeah" is re-uploading as we speak. It's about 1/2-way done with the Peer Review phase, hopefully I can get this and "Lars Attacks!" out at the same time.

The next song I'm putting on the RBN most of you have already heard if you listen to the Echo Chamber Podcast!

3. FUTURE CONS- Making a list, checking it twice, gonna sign up in advance cause this shit runs out quickly.

4. STATUS QUO RADIO- Once DHMD is done, that's what I'll be focusing on. There's a couple behind the scenes things I want to take care of, like an artist for the cover, and maybe a Kickstarter to pay for physical copies and whatnot.

Redeem For 3 New Albums

2012-10-24 22:42:52 by RhythmBastard

So, at long last, I'm announcing three album length projects I'm working, AS WELL AS a date for my next live performance. Let's get to it!

All the songs for the webseries, Dino Hunter M.D., now remastered, remixed, re-everythinged, with two new bonus songs! Me and the guys at Cannibal Troll were talking about releasing a proper album for some time now, since the closest anyone has ever had to a physical soundtrack was the copies we gave with the DVD at I-Con in the halycon days of this past March. Also, making the video for "Pass The Class" gave way to a better version, since my singing has gotten a lot better, and not under the stress of a deadline.

So this would be out by November on Bandcamp, and talks of physical copies will come as the project nears completion.

So after getting a good earful of "The Protomen (Act 1)", and seeing the "American Idiot" musical, this project has been in the works for EASILY the past two years. In fact, my Soundcloud has a few early demos. Go ahead!

The idea came for this really after the first time I played TF2 and started writing my own music: an album where each song would be inspired by each of the different classes. It's finally nearing completion, as it's been on and off for a while.

This one I'll try to have out by January 11th, as part of 2013's State Of The Bastard Address.

"Axe Punk" and "Wanderin' Johnny" were just the tip of the iceberg. After NYCC and broadening my horizons a little bit, this will be along the lines of the DHMD soundtrack: what I've already got redone given better equipment and know-how, along with some new songs that have been in the ether for a while, based on Atomic Robo, webcomic Manly Guys Doing Manly Things and more?

This would be coming out around Spring time for PAX East.

Halloween Spooktacular! It's my first house party gig for some friends who are well equipped with video, so you won't have a shitty recording like my Dad is known for.I'm looking for some good Halloween-y type songs to cover, so drop me some suggestions.

RB: OK, I made 400 posts on a blog that hardly anybody reads, what does that get me?

Clerk: Well, for 10 you can get a Chinese Finger Trap, and fox 800,000 you can get a Nintendo Wii!

RB: Just a Wii?

Clerk: Yeah.

RB: Fuck that, what's over here?

Clerk: Oh, those are just albums that you've already been working on in some capacity that you've finally decided to go ahead with full throttle.

RB: How much?

Clerk: 120.

RB: I'll take three! And that Milky Way bar for 40.