Footage From UmiCon! Three Chords Of Badass

2013-10-19 10:53:04 by RhythmBastard


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2013-10-19 13:35:18

That microphone did not help at all, or maybe it was the mic on the recording device?

Regardless the video had a lot of audio clipping in it and was harsh on the ears.
But the song sounded cool, I like the idea of 3 chords of badass...

Just the quality wasn't great

RhythmBastard responds:

It was recorded off my cell phone, and the sound guy wasn't doing ANYBODY any favors.


2013-10-27 02:30:17

Yeah sound/video quality isn't optimal, but the performance was... entertaining. :P Btw, your blog seems to have been removed. Fix link?

RhythmBastard responds:

It's been fixed. I don't visit NG as much as my other sites, so I'm a bit behind. It should be fixed now.