2014-01-14 22:46:13 by RhythmBastard



1. 26 and by the time you read this, I'll be in Orlando for a Magic Tourney. There's a lot to reflect in this part of my life, but right now, just the hits.

2. NEWEST SONG: "Tower Siege"

3. RBN SONGS: 2011- The Year Of The Don 2012- The Year Of The Lars 2013- THE YEAR OF THE BASTARD!!!

Sadly, with the RBN system shutting down by 2014, I do not have anymore songs to put on the RBN. Customs, however...

4. HOLY SHIT? I RELEASED AN ALBUM? It was a rough experience, but hell yeah, I made it out alive. Big ups to David Ginn and Jesee Schopher, I'm hitting you guys up first when I find my way back to NY :)

5. MUSIC VIDEOS??? Not quite, but I still kept my presence on YouTube, with videos for "Boston Boom Bringer", "Gang Of Nine" and "Lord I Miss Deadly Premonition"

6. CON GIGS!!! If I do 5 cons in a year, I'll do a little "2014 Tour" but I missed it by THAAAT much... June 2013- Hero Hype Con June 2013- MizuCon August 2013- Anime Festival Orlando September 2013- UmiCon Daytona

It was really great supporting these cons, new and old, and meeting new people, and getting plenty of fans in the process! Hope to see everyone next year.

7. SO WHAT SHOULD WE EXPECT FROM YOU IN 2014? -"Status Quo Radio" for sure. I'm meeting a lot of creative people to work with, so hopefully it can be more than that as the time draws nearer. -More music videos! -More songs! -More convention gigs! -I want to be better known this year, and really expand to the point where I'm INVITED to cons, or at least allowed to attend bigger ones.


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