NEW ALBUM: Status Quo Radio!

2015-10-13 22:15:02 by RhythmBastard

“Status Quo Radio”, a Team Fortress 2 inspired rock opera is now on Bandcamp!

As with most of my music, “Status Quo Radio” started from a very nerdy place: the video game Team Fortress 2. Each song would be about each different class, and a different style of song. However in the process of writing it (I started in 2010 when I first posted one of the songs to NewGrounds’s Audio Portal), it changed from a simple songwriting challenge to a concept album with it’s own story and background.

The 12 tracks listed below, along with the original TF2 class for the songs inspiration:
1. Status Quo Radio
2. Enlist Today! (Soldier)
3. Force Of Nature (Scout)
4. Pyrotechnicality II (Pyro)
5. Radio Days Pt. 1 (Engineer)
6. Radio Days Pt. 2 (Engineer)
7. Away From The Ruins (Demoman)
8. Tower Siege (Heavy)
9. Bad Doctors (Medic)
10. BOOM! HEADSHOT! (Sniper)
11. Paper Hearts (Spy)
12. Bastard’s Reunion

From this framework grew a rock opera about love, betrayal, and excessive amounts of violence in the 1960’s era-Southwest. The music on Status Quo Radio is as diverse as the 9 different classes, going from punk to folk to classic rock and metal.


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