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NG Undercover

2012-04-06 00:11:11 by RhythmBastard

Thread here

OK, so I'm a huge fan of the A.V. Club's AV Undercover series.

For the uninitiated, 25 songs are chosen by the A.V. Club and its readers. Each week, a band comes in and covers one of the songs. After a band plays the song, it comes off the list. They range from the really good to the eh...

So far, a new possibility has been introduced: covering songs from the NG Audio Portal.

If you're interested, PM me or hit up the thread.

I-Con 31- AWESOME!!

2012-04-05 00:47:00 by RhythmBastard

I had a lot of fun performing the show, and hanging out at the Dino Hunter MD table.


Or, at least my contributions. They will be going onto NG shortly.

I'd love to do more cons, so if you have it in good with anybody, hit me up.

Road To I-Con NG Post #1

2012-03-27 00:17:37 by RhythmBastard

This Friday at Stony Brook University is I-Con, the biggest Sci Fi Convention in the Northeast, and I managed to score a gig!

I'm going to be at Harriman Hall Room 115 at 10:00 PM on Friday.

Me and friend Jesse from Dino Hunter MD are mixing the last song for the last episode, called "Hell Yeah" and it climaxes like a motherfucker.

Here's a look at a new song, "Hell Yeah"!

Also, I'm performing at I-Con March 30th!

Crowdsourcing A Bridge

2012-01-21 00:24:04 by RhythmBastard

Right now, I'm working on the last (unfortunately) song for Dino Hunter, M.D. and it's about cliffhangers.

The song is pretty much written, but I figured for the breakdown, I'd try something different:

I want you all to be a part of it.

1. Record a clip of yourself referencing your favorite cliffhanger.
Some examples:
-"Finishing this fight" (Halo 2)
-"Who shot J.R./Mr. Burns/Laura Palmer?" (Dallas, The Simpsons and Twin Peaks)
-Anything referencing those stingers at the end of the Avengers Marvel movies

Basically, anything that got you super excited to watch the next installment.

2. Save it as RBCliffhanger_YourName.mp3 Your name refers to however you want to be referenced. If you use e-mail address, gamertag, whatever, go ahead.

3. Send an e-mail to rhythmbastard@gmail.com with "Cliffhanger Song (How You Would Like To Be Known)" in the subject line, and attach your .mp3 to the e-mail.

Basically, your name wherever this song shows up (this page, SOundCloud, NewGrounds, etc.)!

Like my "Invisiball" and "Heroes Die" videos, I'll also record a video of myself playing it and thank everyone beforehand.

-Make sure your recording is clear.

-More well known references are more likely to be used than more obscure ones.

-This is a free thing, but if you help, I'll think of someway to hook you up, like a personalized .mp3 of the song.

None, but I want to get a lot of entries as soon as I can.

Thank you so much! I really hope this works!

New song from me, "Heroes Die" coming soon!

My song release schedule has fallen WAY off the wagon, and it shames me. However, in the next couple days, I'll be putting the new episodes that came out for Dino Hunter MD, as well as the accompanying songs.